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Boy or girl? How to make a splash when you announce the news

Whether you wait until delivery or ask your provider to tell you the sex of your baby during your mid-pregnancy ultrasound, the moment you learn your baby is a boy or girl is one you'll cherish. 

For some moms-to-be, the excitement is so great they choose to mark the occasion with a keepsake photo or a soiree. If you're interested in planning a memorable reveal, check out these five simple ideas to announce your baby boy or girl. 

All about balloons. This idea is simple and sweet if you want to capture the moment with a photo for social media or your keepsake album. Fill a box with pink or blue balloons, release them in a picturesque location and have someone snap a photo of you announcing the news.

Let them eat cake. Throwing a party to share the news? You can surprise your guests by cutting into a white or chocolate frosted cake to reveal pink or blue layers. Most bakeries are used to this request by now. 

Take a vote. Another party idea—ask your guests to take a shot in the dark and vote on if you're having a boy or a girl. Give the winners a prize for their stellar guesswork. 

Unwrap the surprise. You can ask your healthcare provider or ultrasound specialist to not tell you the sex of the baby, but write it down and put it in an envelope for you and your partner to open later. It's simple and sweet to capture with a photograph. 

Let your decorations speak for themselves. This idea is fun for parties and it doesn't have to be all pink or blue. Make a sign that announces, "It's a girl!" or use it to announce both the baby's name and sex, "Coming soon: Baby Liam!" Other little touches like a mustache or bow theme will also get the point across to your guests. 

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Reviewed 1/26/2022

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